This month we spotlight tea house attendant Pauline Cusmano. Pauline is an artist, a world traveler, and a huge Bob Dylan fan. She’s also an Arlington native.

What’s your job title?
Tea House Attendant

What’s your favorite part of your job at Steep?
Meeting new people! Sharing herb and tea knowledge with curious customers, or getting to catch up with regulars; House of Steep brings together a really loving group of people daily.

Anything you like to do in your spare time? Hobbies?
I love to create art. Doodling is a must.

What are some interesting facts about you some people may not know?
I have traveled to 12 different countries. I love traveling, I hope to do so much more! Awareness of cultures other than my own is very important to me, we all share this world lets be friends!!

Where did you grow up?
I was born and bred in Arlington. I went to college in Maryland at McDaniel college and moved back home after graduation. I am currently squatting at my parent’s house (Thanks Mom and Dad!!!) until I make my next big move.

What are some of your favorite movies?
The Princess Bride
Inglorious Basterds
It’s A Wonderful Life (duh)

If you could go on a dream vacation, where would you go?
I have been blessed to travel much of Europe, but have yet to travel South America or Asia. India, Argentina, and Thailand are on my wish list.

What’s your favorite band/artist?
I go through so many phases with music. I have really eclectic taste and my favorite depends on my mood that day. However, a close to home long-time favorite of mine will always be Bob Dylan. I grew up listening to him and his music has guided me through different times in my life.

What’s your favorite local business besides House of Steep?
Shout out to Westover Beer Garden. Walking distance from my house, beer and outdoor atmosphere, what’s not to love.

What’s your favorite tea?
Milk oolong never stops fascinating me. Give it a try, it will change your tea ways

What’s your favorite soak?
A tie between c’est la vie and Revitalize. Both smell like heaven to me.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Good question! Probably/hopefully with a master’s degree and with a few more countries knocked off my travel list. But most importantly, I hope that I’m using art to enrich the lives of others (still working on the how).