Announcing a new sanctuary offering: Student sessions with Virginia P, our reflexologist-in-training.

Book an appointment with Virginia and receive your 30 minute reflexology service at a discount of 30% off (cost of $35)!  We are so excited to be part of this student’s journey of natural health through reflexology.  Read on for her bio and call us to book an appointment with her today!

Virginia is grateful to have discovered the beauty of Reflexology. While in the hospital during a dark season, a good friend visited and ministered to her feet with Reflexology. It brought such joy and comfort that later Virginia began to explore the practice so she could one day do the same for others. She enrolled at the International Institute of Reflexology based in St. Petersburg, FL, and is eager to complete her certification this December.  She views the ability to practice Reflexology as a redemptive work of love and grace in her life.