Hello Steepers!

Wow! It’s been exactly one month since we re-opened House of Steep and all I can say is time flies when you’re having fun!

Since stepping into the un-enviable role of trying to replicate Lyndsey’s passion and vision for House of Steep I’ve received an incredible outpouring of support from the community. I can’t even count the number of people that have stopped me in the store to say thank you for keeping their ‘favorite place’ open. Thank me???

First and foremost, let me say Thank You to every one of you for making this much more than a tea shop. It’s a community. I knew that as a customer; and as I pondered the decision to take over the business in December, I sat there day after day and watched customers come together, enjoy each other’s company, and share ideas. What I found impressed me so much and convinced me that this was a special place that deserved, no it needed, to stick around.

At a time where a lot of people are taking stands against each other, Steep represents a place where people can set that aside, enjoy a peaceful cup of tea or foot soak together, and unwind. Given my hectic lifestyle, Steep had become a sanctuary for me, and I saw that it filled the same space for many others as well. It simply could not die. So, again, I say “Thank You” all for making this an easy decision and continuing to validate daily that it was the right choice.

Now on to the fun stuff. While we absolutely don’t want to change the culture and atmosphere at Steep, we are very excited about the new opportunities that come with a fresh perspective and interests. Some small projects like upgrading WiFi and refreshing spa amenities were easy to tackle first, but other long-term projects are already underway or being planned. A few are detailed below. We appreciate any ideas or suggestions you have.

Food consistency and prep time was one of my first projects and we plan to move towards minimizing in-house food prep to focus on what we do best. You’ve probably already noticed an increased emphasis on vegan and allergen-free food options. I enjoy a plant-based diet and am a big advocate primarily for the associated health benefits. We are currently sampling food from various suppliers throughout the month of February and will be settling on a new menu as soon as possible. We encourage any feedback or suggestions you have as we hope to be able to offer something for everyone’s dietary needs.

My other passions and interests are likely to manifest themselves in Steep in one way or another as well. Here are a few things about me that you may expect to see more of in the future. I’m an avid trail runner and outdoor enthusiast and most weekends you will likely find me in the mountains somewhere. I’m active in the local running community and will be encouraging more runners and activities around running soon.

I was a chronic pain sufferer for more than a decade and ultimately found that therapeutic massage and bodywork (as well as diet) were the most effective techniques for managing my pain. I’m a firm believer in using massage as a tool for all around well-being.

Lastly, we plan to start offering more community events in order to give people an opportunity to share their interests with others. Some ideas discussed have included a regular community spotlight identifying a local artist or business that needs a space to meet or present. Book clubs, poetry nights, weekly runs, and more are all in discussion or in the works now. If you have other ideas please let us know. Many of these suggestions have come from other customers.

PJ Vaughan
HoS Owner