Here at House of Steep one of our favorite things about teas and herbs is not just that they taste delicious, but that they have incredible healing power! And one of the queen’s of healing herbs has to be the crowning Turmeric. This yellow herb is a close relative of ginger and is huge anti-inflammatory and immune enhancing agent.

Turmeric is used in both Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine, and even in Westernized society is being recognized more and more for it healing magic. In 2013 alone there was more than 1,000 studies published on curcumin’s (one of turmeric’s major constituents) health benefits. Turmeric is effective inside and outside the body, as it can be used as a topical antibacterial agent and has stronger antioxidant properties than vitamin E. Curcumin is also showing to be a powerful agent against cancer!

Turmeric’s regard goes even beyond medicine. In India it is still a part of some Hindu communities marriage ceremonies, where a string, died with turmeric paste is placed around the bride’s neck by her groom, indicating she is married and capable of running a household. To go on and on about Turmeric would be a pleasure, but why not come and experience it yourself at House of Steep? We have a special Herb Talk featuring Turmeric on DATE, where you’ll get to drink some delicious “Golden Milk,” as well as take home your own turmeric paste! Come and join the healing fun and learn more of how you can incorporate this phenomenal herb in your kitchen and life.

Herb of the Month Talk – TURMERIC!

Tuesday – February 20th 7:00 pm

Each month we highlight an herb and bring it to the forefront of your tea drinking experience. And we will go above and beyond that and give you the whole body, soul and mind benefits of these herbs in our monthly healing herbs talks. Turmeric, with its special companion, cayenne will be our golden (literally) star for this month’s talk.

Come to learn how to incorporate this powerfully healing, anti-inflammatory herb into your life, via food and tea. Featuring our Blend of the Month and our delicious Golden Milk (a powerful drink with turmeric and spices to warm and heal)

Learn and be inspired: We’ll learn about the properties, history, and applications of turmeric (Did you know curcumin, one of Turmeric’s powerful agents, fights bacteria and even cancer?) *Bring a notebook!

Take home Turmeric recipes and a Turmeric treat! Meet some beautiful people and participate in a short warming meditative practice.

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