Foot Sanctuary Q&A

Let us answer your questions!
What is the Foot Sanctuary?

A section in the back of the store where we offer foot relaxation services such as foot soaks, foot massage, and reflexology.

What is a foot soak?

A relaxing hot foot bath prepared for you in a copper basin with Epsom salt and your choice of healing herbs and oils followed with a comfy pair of slippers.

What is the difference between reflexology and massage?

Reflexology focuses on pressure points on the bottom of your feet or hands to affect different systems in your body. Massage focuses more on structure and relaxing muscles in the feet and lower legs.

Does reflexology hurt?

Occasionally, reflexology can be quite stimulating. Our therapists like to focus more on relaxation. Both therapies are very relaxing experiences; some do enjoy one therapy more than the other.  

How much/long are foot therapies/soaks?

25 min Massage $40
30 min Reflexology $50
45 min Reflexology $65
15 min Hand&Arm Massage $20
15 min Walk-in Wednesday special $20 (only available on Wednesday :))
20 min Soaks are $19-24
Including tea +$5
i.e. a soak + 25 minute massage + tea = around $65 – $70

Can I get an appointment today?

Normally we can accommodate foot soaks depending on availability. Foot therapies need to be made 24hrs in advance.
On Wednesday from 2-6 there is a therapist here to accommodate walk-ins.

What is a Soak & Swap? (And why)

While one person soaks, the other will get the foot therapy and then you switch. You are next to each other the whole time.
Why? We only have 1 therapist available at that time. OR Our therapists come in based on appointments and its the best interest of their time to come in for more than one appointment.

What is included with a soak/therapy?

The full sanctuary experience is a relaxing foot soak followed by a healing therapy while drinking tea.
Everything is charged separately. We do have packages available that include a free pot of tea.

Can we have food?

Food is not allowed in the sanctuary but we will happily prepare something to be ready after your appointment.

How long will an appointment take?

A soak and therapy takes about an hour though you are welcomed to stay longer and relax in the tea house.

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