Steep Love!

February may be a short month, but the TEAm at Steep has A LOT happening, so come join us in spreading some love. With Valentine’s Day approaching, it’s a good time to mention that Steep was featured in DC Fray as a great date night option. We’re celebrating the holiday with V-Day gift specials running all next week. In addition, the events team has a variety of fun activities scheduled including several focused on healthy living and the therapeutic benefits of tea and herbs. And, of course, we couldn’t be more excited about our first batch of kombucha! 😊

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching but there is still time to take advantage of our great deals on tea, soaks and therapy. Whether simply meeting over a pot or enjoying a relaxing soak and therapy, your loved one’s will thank you for sharing some Steep Love! We still have soak and therapy appointments available but please don’t hesitate because they will all be booked soon.

We continue to spread love and knowledge through our Health and Wellness Series. Recent and upcoming events include talks on adopting a plant-based diet and the benefits/uses of turmeric. Expect to see more opportunities to learn about the healing qualities of various herbs in the coming months through other events as well as new house blends coming soon.

The first ferment of our house kombucha is complete and we’ve moved to second fermentation/flavoring phase. Our initial tests have already proven the unflavored kombucha is quite tasty; but, we’re really excited about the fruit and herbs we’re currently infusing during the second ferment. Make sure to ask for a sample starting mid-February!

We are really excited about the things we’re working on at Steep and we love hearing feedback from you, our beloved customers. Please do not hesitate to share your ideas and let us know what you think of our progress. Have a great month everyone!

Peace and Love,
Patrick and the TEAm