Anna Steep cropWe interviewed Anna Lipari for this month’s April Spotlight. Anna has been a Steep employee since November 2015. Anna is also trained and certified as a Reiki Master Practitioner (Usui Shiki Ryoho lineage), in Shamanic Healing with Crystals, and as a Certified Holistic Health Coach. You can also find her in the Wellness Department at MOM’s Organic Market in Arlington.

What’s your job title?
I have been a Team Leader for about a year, but have since taken on Operations, managing the the Artist-In-Rotation and Charitable Giving and Donations programs, and supporting business development and local partnerships best I can as a Community Liaison. I love that there are always open ears and space for creativity and forward-thinking movement to flow, where ever our gifts lie, regardless of job title.

Tell me a little about your family?
My family is wonderful, supportive, generous, and I wouldn’t be the woman I am without them. They are my biggest cheerleaders!

Any other fun facts that people might know that you would like to share?
As a Lifepath 3, my highest joy is rooted in self-expression, exuberance for life, creativity, and an optimistic, childlike nature where everything is possible (just call me Pollyanna!). My favorite form of expression and creativity is through dance, the art of movement and being present in my body. It’s easy to experience joy in your body — just take of your shoes and throw some great music on — it’s fun AND a great workout!

Favorite Movie?
It’s a draw between “Singles” and “Coming To America”

Tell us about your dream vacation?
Island-hopping in the Caribbean and Mexico, while scouting out places to start a holistic healing center, juice bar, and dance studio

Favorite Artist/Album?
My collection is 150 GB strong – so I love everything, all genres! Send me suggestions — I’m always looking for new music!

Favorite Local Business?
Studio Body Logic (Ballston, Arlington) Their Barre Body classes keep me fit and feeling fantastic!

What are the ingredients for your favorite teas?
Ginseng Lemon is my favorite tea on the menu. It is a blend of Siberian Ginseng/Eleutherococcus senticosus/eleuthero, Chinese green tea, and lemon myrtle. To increase warmth and circulation, I’ll add a boost of ginger. To add to eleuthero’s strength as an adaptogenic herb, I’ll boost with the sacred powerhouse of Tulsi Vana Holy Basil. It’s delicious iced as well!

Do you have a favorite soak?
Abundance (Lavender) when I want to relax to the max, or Centered Presence (Patchouli, Cinnamon) when I’m feeling a need to ground myself.

Do you drink tea outside of Steep?
Preferring greens, tisanes, and wellness blends, I really dig E.S.P.’s offerings (Old Town, Alexandria). They even have a Reiki blend!