And just in time for the holidays!

First, a big cuppa thank you for all of the heartfelt notes, time spent with the steepers or general messages of love you’ve shared with us over the past few weeks.  Announcing we were closing could never have felt so sweet were it not for our customers taking the time to share their memories or appreciation of our little space.
But today, we are celebrating because there was this lovely customer who not only was saddened by the news of our closing but was so moved by the thought of our community dissolving that he has acquired the business: the Steep show will go on!
The schedule might deviate slightly as we get settled with this new information and we’ll post all of our updates via facebook/twitter, so please stay tuned.  Meanwhile, we wanted you to know of what we consider the best Christmas gift as soon as it was official.
May your days be merry and Steeped in peace.
Lyndsey and Patrick and the Steep TEAm