Welcome to House of Steep

Fill Up Your Cup

Our mission: Life is full. Sometimes with demands beyond our influence. As a counterbalance, House of Steep is committed to scattering peace through relaxation and the timeless simplicity of tea, herbs and foot therapies – all in the name of health and longevity.

Soak it in. We can enjoy these gifts, celebrate our paths and love all things we encounter…that fill up our cup.

In other words, House of Steep aims to promote relaxation and natural healing in a calm atmosphere. Enjoy a carefully blended pot of tea and a therapeutic foot bath with reflexology and experience the rewards of a day spa in a tea-house setting.

Our storefront offers a variety of carefully blended teas and healthy treats, natural bath products, and a foot sanctuary to soak in warm water with herbs and salts; all in support of a warming and balanced experience. Supplement your Steep experience with reflexology or foot or hand massage for ultimate rejuvenation.

Present living and harmony of the mind + body requires minimal effort at House of Steep.  We are dedicated to offering a balanced and lasting experience in our teas, products and services.

Lyndsey Clutter-DePalma

Lyndsey Clutter-DePalma


Before creating the concept for House of Steep, Lyndsey asked:  “Where is a good place to relax and just be for a while?”

Not satisfied with any of the existing answers and armed with some entrepreneurial hard-wiring and a respect for natural healing, Lyndsey left her corporate career to satisfy this gap and create a space that is just so.

Since October of 2010, House of Steep has been taking up residence in Lyndsey’s heart and will become the ultimate destination for busy corporate citizens, casual connections, bridal parties, street shoppers, believers in alternative healing, moms and grandmoms, yogis and yoginis, consultants, crafters, lovers, and the rest of us.